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The History of the Gastroenterological
Association of Thailand dated back to 1958.


Professor. Dr.Vikit   Viranuvatti

                               Prior to the inaugural of the World Congress of Gastroenterology, Professor Vikit Viranuvati had an opportunity to visit Professor H.L. Bockus, the president of the Organization Mondiale de Gastroenterologie, at the graduate school of University of Philadelphia. After the first World Congress of Gastroenterology in Washington DC which brought together doctors from different continents to present their works, the idea of establishing Gastroenterology Association among member countries had initiated. In 1960, Professor H.L. Bockus and Professor Barborka from Chicago visited Prof. Viranuvati at Siriraj Hospital, Thailand. The meeting among them and  other Thai doctors graduated from the University of Philadelphia had agreed that the Thai organization in the field of gastroenterology should be established. This conclusion led to one of the most significant meetings in the history of the Thai medical community on March 9, 1960. The meeting headed by Prof. Luangpinpakpittayapate, the permanent secretary of Ministry of Public Health, the University of Philadelphia alumni together with Thai physicians, surgeons, radiologists, pediatricians, and psychiatrists had appointed the organizing committee led by Professor Viranuvati to establish the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand. Other members of this committee included Dr. Udom Posacrisana as the vice president, Dr. Pravit Uschin as the secretary general, Dr. Ukrist Plengvanit as the treasurer, Dr. Prasob Rattanakorn as the chairman of social program, Dr. Pranot Photithat as the chairman of administration, and Dr. Ajint Boonyakate as the librarian. This organizing committee then completed the draft of the regulations of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand on April 8, 1960.

                   The Gastroenterological Association of Thailand was officially established on  July 9, 1960. Its first office was located at the Institute of Neurology, Phayathai, Bangkok. With only 24 founding members and the membership fee merely 100 Thai bahts per year at that time, the association conducted 2 major activities yearly, which included the provision of the information regarding the gastroenterological diseases and disorders for public. These activities included broadcasting of  radio program concerning gastroenterology by the National Radio Channel every first Friday of the month. In addition, the association organized monthly medical conferences. In the first two years, hosts were selected among Siriraj hospital, Chulalongkorn hospital, Phramongkutklao hospital, and Priests Hospital based on a rotational basis. Subsequently, Bhumipol Adulyadej hospital and Police hospital were also selected as the hosts. The first annual conference of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand took place on December 24, 1960.

                   Throughout the history of the association, the association's committees have devoted themselves selflessly to the general public and the success of the association. This root of strong tradition can be traced back to the dawn of the association. There was a time when the first president of the association, Professor Vikit Viranuvati paid the membership fees of every members of association to OMGE by himself. The list of past and present presidents of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand are presented, as follows:

1. 1961-1962 Dr.Vikit  Viranuvatti
2. 1963-1964 Dr.Udom   Posacrisana
3. 1965-1966 Dr.Vikit  Viranuvatti
4. 1967-1968 Dr.Vikit  Viranuvatti
5. 1969-1970 Dr.Vikit  Viranuvatti
6. 1971-1972 Dr.Vikit  Viranuvatti
7. 1973-1974 Dr.Sompon  Bunyakupta
8. 1975-1976 Dr.Sommai  Wilairatana
9. 1977-1978 Dr. Ukrist  Plengvanit
10. 1979-1980 Dr.Kriengkrai  Akarawong
11. 1981-1982 Dr.Sujin  Charuchinda
12. 1983-1984 Dr.Sommai  Wilairatana
13. 1985-1986 Dr.Anek  Yuvachiti
14. 1987-1988 Dr.Termchai  Chainuvati
15. 1989-1990 Dr.Sucha  Kurathong
16. 1991-1992 Dr.Termchai  Chainuvati
17. 1993-1994 Dr.Sachapan Isarasena
18. 1995-1996 Dr.Pinit  Kullavanitjaya
19. 1997-1998 Dr.Sawadh  Hitanant
20. 1999-2000 Dr.Kannikar  Phornphutkul
21. 2001-2002 Dr.Sasiprapa  Boonyapisit
22. 2003-2004 Dr.Bancha  Ovartlarnporn
23. 2005-2006 Dr.Sathaporn  Manatsathit
24. 2007-2008 Dr.Chutima  Pramoonsinsup
25. 2009-2010 Dr.Ong-ard  Praisontarangkul
26. 2011 Dr. Udom Kachintorn
27. 2012-2014 Dr. Pisaln Mairiang

                   The dedication, commitment and sacrifice of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand's committee and members had begun to bear its fruits. The numbers of membership have gradually grown up. In the third annual conference on March 18, 1964, the numbers of membership rose to 35. On December 31, 2000, the numbers of membership rose to 736.


  • To educate members of medical profession and also public in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology.
  • To support and stimulate research in gastroenterology and hepatology in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
  • To exchange scientific knowledge among members and gastroenterologists around the world especially within Asian Pacific Region.
  • To improve standard of gastroenterology practice in Thailand.


Current activities of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand include:

  1. organizing midyear scientific conference, annual conference, and monthly interhospital GI conference
  2. organizing special scientific meeting presented by both well-known local and international experts
  3. providing scientific knowledge regarding gastroenterological diseases and disorders for members and other physicians
  4. promoting research in the area of gastroenterology
  5. publishing newsletter of Gastroenterological Association of Thailand and the Thai Journal of Gastroenterology
  6. offering gastroenterological fellowship training. Since 1993, 94 diploma Thai Board of Gastroenterology have been issued.


                   In 1992, the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand successfully hosted the Asia Pacific of Gastroenterology (APAGE) conference. With its experience and well-­maintained tradition, the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand also host the World Congress of Gastroenterology 2002, which took place between 24 February - 1 March 2002 at BITEC, Bangkok. This was the  first world congress of gastroenterology ever hosted in Asia Pacific region.

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